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"When a man has knowledge of Deen, he can lead his family with respect.
When a woman has knowledge of Deen, she can lead her children in humility.
When children have knowledge of Deen, they can lead their parents to Jannah."

- Unknown  (via maham-a)

(Source: everything-bass)

"The Prophet ﷺ said: “If a person becomes ill, Allah rewards him for his illnesses.”"

- Bukhari, 7/373/ No. 550 & Muslim, 4/1364/ No. 6235. (via pearlsofislam)

(Source: wayofthesalaf)

"The righteous intention if it is not coupled with an action which is consistent with Islaamic legislation will not benefit whoever does it."

- Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool [source] (via pearlsofislam)

(Source: ummu-salma)